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What is your relationship with your business? Are you stressed, tired, overwhelmed? Going nowhere? Entrepreneurs can feel stressed and burnout, so if that’s you? You are not alone. Kajal Khurana (KK) interviews experts who share their knowledge on how they have overcome stress/burnout and also shares tools and techniques you can implement to 10x your business. Stressful situations in business are what makes entrepreneurs journey either fruitful or futile. KK is a certified Yoga Therapist with a Masters Degree in Yoga and Meditation, Massage Therapist, Nutritionist and a Reiki Healer. Being an entrepreneur herself, KK understands the struggles. She is very passionate about helping entrepreneurs stay healthy physically, mentally and emotionally so they can make better decisions and move forward in their business by being focused and not quitting. Subscribe today and listen to this weekly podcast to learn how you can escape burnouts, reduce stress and increase your productivity so you can achieve your goals faster and 10x your business. Please rate, review and subscribe to the show that would mean the world to me! Let me know what topics you would like me to cover in my future episodes at or visit our website at Please have fun listening and give feedback :)

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