#90 Harvey Martin- MindStrong Project


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In EP. #90, Sorinex's Brandon Lilly and Harvey Martin discuss a wide range of topics. Baseball, meditation, breathing, hot/cold work, all in an effort to understand the "self" and become better humans as a result. This episode peels back some of the truth that athletes, soldiers, and every day individuals face when they have an "identity transition" and their life thereafter.

We also touch on the topic of Mental Health, and as a community, Sorinex is committed to helping coaches, and athletes connect with leaders, counselors, and resources that can help in times of stress or crisis. None of us are in this alone, and together we can all benefit from the open discussion of healing no matter the trauma. If you or a loved one is facing mental health issues please do not hesitate to contact myself Brandon@sorinex.com or Sorinex and we will help get you connected with someone that can help. BE LEGENDARY

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