BE ORIGINAL S3 E5: CREATE PURPOSEFULLY feat. Eric Pound, Studio North


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Human 2 Human, h2h is the new currency. We hear it all the time.

"I just don't think that digital marketing will get to the businesses I need."

We hear it all the time make sure your prospects know that there is still a human behind the purchase. It's our job as marketers to speak to them! Let's do our customers right! H2H.

This week we talk with Eric Pound, the director/producer of video content at Studio North. We wanted to get an inside look into content from the perspective of an agency. They work with brands like CDW, Lenovo, Intel and many more. H2H is their approach and we talk a little about how you may think that your marketing efforts are being directed at an organization, but in truth, they are actually consumed by Humans!

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