#47 - Our First AirBNB Experience


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We had been traveling and staying in the roof-top tent for over a week. We’ve already had seen plenty of rain. We needed to stop traveling and put in several days of work. Instead of booking a hotel, we decided to try our first AirBNB rental. We wanted to stay for four nights and cram in as much work as possible.

We booked a place outside of Winston-Salem in Pfafftown. Nancy, our host, welcomed us so nicely. We arrived at a slightly opened door with a sign saying, “Welcome Robert, Gayla, and Oscar.”

Our accommodations were nestled in a quiet neighborhood with big and beautiful oak trees everywhere. Our space consisted of a living/dinette space, bedroom and a full bathroom with a separate entrance just for us. Everything was so nice and homey.

Nancy made us feel like we had known her for a long time. She is a really neat lady. A hoot! Very humorous. She suggested having a race with Oscar and her guinea pig, Baxter. What a fun time. Oscar did win the race because he was lured to the finish line with a carrot. Oscar was more motivated by food than Baxter was.

On Wednesday of our stay, Robert attended the 37th Annual Southeastern Primitive Rendezvous in the nearby town of Yadkinville. It is a national rendezvous which means the clothes and accouterments are reviewed to be admitted into the show. He was mistaken many times for someone from the newspaper. There were many people leaving because of the weather and Robert was disappointed at the turnout but despite that, met and visited some great people. He missed out on the muzzleloading shoot and hatchet throwing, but he was able to observe the archery shoot.

Thursday, I needed to be in a meeting for a 3-hour video call. The night before the internet went out. Nancy called her service provider and sure enough, they were working on the connection issues. I took a rest from work that evening and when Robert returned from the rendezvous, we both were hungry and without food. We decided to go to the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market to grab something to eat.

On the way to the store, Robert was talking to his usual group on the radio on his mobile. When we got to the store, I went in to shop and he decided to stay and talk to the fellas. Robert actually put up his 17-foot telescoping whip in the parking lot to talk to his radio buddies. Now that was something you don’t see every day.

The next day when I needed to do the video call, the internet was still down. Nancy couldn’t figure it out what was going on, so she called her internet provider again. She came back laughing and said the cat likes to sit on the modem because the cat likes to be warm. Apparently, the cat unplugged the modem. Internet fixed!

Our time around the Winston-Salem area was very nice. Our first AirBNB experience was fantastic. May do it again.

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