62 – OVERLAND WEST TRIP | New Mexico


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After we hiked the highest point in Oklahoma, Black Mesa, we headed toward New Mexico.

We headed toward Clayton NM. During our trip, the Jeep’s engine made a weird “hick-up” so Robert checked to see if any codes were thrown. Sure enough, there was, so when we were in Clayton, we were on a hunt for a part. No luck, so we moved on.

Robert decided that we could hold off on getting fuel because surely there was a gas station just outside of Clayton. We began to get worried, but I found Gladstone Mercantile. Not your ordinary fuel stop. Loved it!

Then we arrived at Mills Canyon Campground at dusk. That was a great adventure to get to our campsite for the night. There was only one other group in the small campground.

The next day, as we were headed to Wagon Mound, we saw some awesome weather clouds. We were in rain, snow, sleet, and blue skies. It was beautiful to see the clouds forming in the distance.

Then our destination was to Storrie Lake State Park because we needed to work. The park was near I25 so we were thinking that there would be good internet coverage. It did! We stayed there for a couple of days, cramming in as much work as possible.

When we picked up our traveling, we ended up at Pecos National Historic Park. We didn’t know much about the area and thought the self-guided tour was well worth it.

Our next stop was the Santa Fe National Forest. Our site that we found was very secluded and very nice. We even had close company with a coyote.

Our final nights in New Mexico were spent at Angel Peak. Now that’s a room with a view!

We hope you enjoy listening to our adventures.

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