#63 – Overland West Trip | Utah


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Another exciting episode!

Our last episode left off at Angel Peak, New Mexico. It was time to cross into Utah.

Our first stop was Bluff, Utah. Robert had heard about the little town and wanted to stop. We were impressed with their little downtown. For such a tiny town, it has a lot to offer. We were quite impressed with Fort Bluff, the visitor center, crafting area, and wonderful film showing how the fort was founded.

After our fort tour, we needed to find a campsite. Our sites were set on Valley of the Gods. But the rain was coming. Instead of going right to the Valley of the Gods, we hung out in Mexican Hat hoping for the rain to pass. We got bored, so we drove around Monument Valley then back toward Valley of the Gods.

Before we began looking for our campsite for the evening, we decided to go up and down the Moki Dugway. It looked intimidating by the pictures we saw before coming, but when we actually drove it, it wasn't so bad. That’s even after the rain and there were some washed out areas.

We found our campsite in Valley of the Gods and stayed there for two days enjoying the peacefulness and the amazing view.

We then explored and stayed at the Muley Point area. Robert took early morning photos as the sun was rising. Beautiful!

Then we were off to Arizona to attend Overland Expo West 2019.

Before we arrived to the Expo, we stayed at Marshall Lake outside of Flagstaff.

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