#67 – Focused Work Time in Moab


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It was time to pack up and leave Overland Expo West. It was cold and snowing. We had a great time at the Expo, but we were ready to be on the move again. We wanted to explore Utah more and hopefully find warmer and dryer weather.

We went toward Sand Island Recreation Area as we thought that would be our campsite for the night. When we arrived, we drove around and discovered there was a $15 camping fee. The camping facilities had vaulted toilets and no water. If we were going to pay for a site, we wanted running water for a nice hot shower. We must be spoiled. We decided to move on.

We made our way to Bluff, Utah because it was in the general direction of where we wanted to go. Besides, we knew if we parked just outside of the city library, we could hook up to their WiFi. This was quite handy in our search for the evening’s camping area and scoping out the weather.

We ended up in Blane, Utah where we drove around checking out some campsites and working for a few hours. We even were parked at a site for three hours before we decided that the longer we were there, the more uncomfortable we felt.

We headed up into the mountains to an abandoned ski lift. We didn’t get our warmer dryer weather. Instead, it was cold and snowing.

We needed to put in some focused work time, so we headed toward Moab. There we stayed at campsites outside of town and worked used the library as our office for a few days.

We hope you enjoy the episode as we share how we meandered from campsite to campsite.

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