#68 – Adventures at Buck Eye Reservoir


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Our adventure begins when we chose our route from Moab, Utah to make our way to Colorado. We had our sights set on Buck Eye Reservoir to check out some free camping. We looked at our GPS and saw a number of possible routes. We decided on going through Geyser Pass, Utah to arrive in Colorado on some back roads.

The further we went up the mountain, the more snow we encountered. After traveling several miles, we encountered a gate. The pass was still closed for the winter season. We had to turn around.

We regrouped and chose a different route taking less remote roads until we made the turn onto X2 Road. Now that was a steep and rocky road. Did I mention steep and rocky? It took us about two hours to travel 14 miles.

We finally arrived at Buck Eye Reservoir. The grounds were beautiful. Many free and paid camping. We have to say the cleanest and best smelling vaulted toilets that we’ve ever encountered on any of our travels so far.

We enjoyed the evening’s camp thinking that our adventures were behind us. Little did we know, our biggest challenge was still to come.

We hope you enjoy this episode as we share what happened as we were trying to leave Buck Eye Reservoir. We had some hair-raising-OMG-moments but thankfully, we’re here to record this episode.

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