#74 - A Day of Contrast | Starting with Hamfest and Finishing with Hair Club


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How much activity can we cram into one day? Well, listen to this episode and find out.

It was a hot, summer day and a day of contrast.

We started out by going to Warrensburg to a Hamfest. While there, Robert had a long conversation with fellow hamvangelist Brooks all about their black powder guns.

We left the Hamfest to play tourist and explore a part of Missouri we hadn’t been to yet. That led us to Higginsville to visit the Confederate Memorial State Historic Site. It a nice park with nice grounds. The only problem was…it was extremely HOT that day. Our tour didn’t last long.

Hunger took over and we made our way to Marshall, MO for some BBQ. As we traveled, I occupied my time with some travel crochet. I started my sand dollar beach bag.

Then we switched back into keeping with the hamvangelist theme by visiting our friends Jeff and Tracy while in Marshall. Robert and Jeff tucked themselves away in the ham shack talking about who knows what. All I know is that Robert came home with a new-to-him radio.

We left Marshall and headed toward Lake of the Ozarks. Our day of contrasts ended as Robert played a gig with the Tri County Hair Club for Men Musical Ensemble (yes…that’s the name of the band. Follow them on Facebook).

Contrasts…Amateur Radio, Black Powder & Civil War, BBQ, and Loud Music…a fun-filled day.

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