#77 - Looking Behind Door Number 2 with Brian Driggs


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One of the best things that came out of Overland Expo West this year was meeting Brian Driggs with The Gearhead Project. Brian wondered over to the Camel Trophy Area and saw Robert with a feather in his hat and they struck up a conversation.

Our time as guests on The Gearhead Project Podcast was such a hoot, that we wanted you to meet Brian. Truth be told, we just enjoy talking with Brian and we wanted to learn more about him and his adventures, we decided to hit record.

Have fun as we talk cars, sailing, and unusual vehicle travel. Adventure stories take us places from Hawaii, Germany, Australia, to even Mongolia. Brian becomes quite intrigued as we share our experience with testicle festivals.

We hope you enjoy the episode as you get to know Brian, hear about great vehicle-based adventure and all about The Gearhead Project.

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P.S. It took us a while to publish the episode. At the time of the recording, The Gearhead Project forum was still in the works. Now it’s LIVE! Congrats Brian!

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