Interview with MC Ron - Swedish/Hungarian Artist With a Proficient Mastery of His Craft


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We had another incredible opportunity to Bridge The Gap, only this time with MC Ron a European Artist with a whole fresh perspective. Holden Stephan Roy enjoyed this interview and is glad you get the chance to see it. Make sure you let us know in the comments how you feel.

00:00 Intro 05:08 Growing up in Sweden 12:16 Music kept MC Ron grounded 18:50 Swedish Hip Hop scene 23:15 Moving to Hungary and opening for Xzibit & Naughty By Nature 27:32 What is the Wise Guys Global Movement 32:47 The local live scene is growing 35:32 Dropping albums as MC Ron 41:33 THe Freestyle scene is proper 44:58 You need to be versatile to record albums 48:32 A lil gaming talk 51:40 Travelling is worth it 58:56 Outro Follow MC Ron on Socials: Check out and support MC Ron's music:

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