Interview with M.O.T (MomentOfTruth) - Versatile Montreal Artist With an Introspective Lens


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We had the pleasure of being able to Bridge The Gap with M.O.T (MomentOfTruth) and learn his story. This interview was held down by Holden Stephan Roy and we're glad you get to see it. Make sure to leave a comment down below.

00:00 The stigma around Laval 05:37 Chom 97.7 was the soundtrack 10:06 Chester Bennington had THE LOOK to have 17:18 Becoming a skater in high school 21:46 From Limewire to bootleg recordings 28:28 Buying actual factual compact discs 32:15 Trying to find a rapper name 37:02 Dedicating life to music 41:16 What M.O.T wants in the mix 47:26 Eminem and Yelawold and MGK were influences 51:10 Needing to relate to the music 59:53 Nu-metal and vocal styles 01:10:19 Performing is a vibe 01:16:36 Montreal needs to recognize it's own 01:23:40 Local politics talk 01:30:15 Adapting to TikTok 01:37:52 Pushing music over social 01:44:17 First time for everything 01:53:20 Place Bell is a great venue 02:05:28 Sharing thoughts on songs 02:10:02 Outro Follow M.O.T on Socials: Check out and support M.O.T's music:

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