On Patriotism and Nationalism — with Jerry Zaslove and Nermin Gogalic


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What are the similarities and differences between Nationalism and Patriotism? Simon Fraser University professor Jerry Zaslove and graduate student Nermin Gogalic discuss this question through the lens of personal identity and political transformation as seen in the former state of Yugoslavia. This in depth and easygoing conversation between our guests and host Am Johal explores the topic from a number of different academic thinker’s perspectives, digging deep to identify the core components of each ideology. Jerry and Nermin also had a public conversation at the Vancouver Institute for Social Research in Spring 2019 entitled “Transition and Identity in the Post-Yugoslav Environment”, which you can listen to here: https://player.fm/series/visr-vancouver-institute-of-social-research/nermin-gogalic-in-conversation-with-jerry-zaslove-transition-and-identity-in-the-post-yugoslav-environment

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