#527 - Are Shoes Damaging our Feet with Galahad Clark


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We're born barefoot, then as we grow older we wear more and more types of shoes, a shoe for school, a shoe for sport, a shoe to go out, there is a shoe for everything. BUT, are all these shoes built to allow us to move naturally, do they look after our foot biomechanics, the part of our body that connects our movement with the ground? With many people with lower limb pain, and a culture of a shoe for every job, and fashion over function as most peoples primary concern for a shoe, I speak to Galahad Clark, the founder of VivoBarefoot about shoes, movement, evolution, pain, nature, foot science, cultural adoption of shoes in the west compared to the east, and much more.
Check out VivoBarefoot at: https://www.vivobarefoot.com/uk

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