The survey that may have moved the Olympics with 2x Olympic Champ Christian Taylor | Beneath the Grandstand Podcast (Ep. 2)


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There were a lot of great pieces of information from Christian Taylor and insights from the athlete perspective , here are some of those timestamps throughout the show:

  • 3:34-5:45: What was the reach of the athlete survey and who did it target
  • 5:48-8:26: What were the most surprising outcomes coming from survey
  • 11:18-12:53: Did the Athletics Associations have any negative feedback resulting from survey
  • 13:04-14:50: Examples of how athletes' training is being negatively affected by COVID-19
  • 15:17-16:17: What federations/organizations reached out to Christian for the first time after the survey results were published?
  • 16:18-19:48: What are the questions that are being asked now that they olympics have been postponed - current drug testing plan, will meet directors put on events and how will sponsors respond
  • 20:04-22:02: Athletes want to, and have to, compete in a fall/later season
  • 22:05-24:44: Financial impact for athletes with postponement of Olympics and COVID-19
  • 24:45-27:35: Are brands/sponsors talking to athletes about not being able to compete and how it affects contracts
  • 27:39-30:18: Expectations from athletes in how their involved in decision making moving forward, and communication with World Athletics
  • 30:18-32:20: Do athletes have to speak out publicly to be heard and taken seriously?
  • 32:22-34:07: What are the questions that governing bodies are asking
  • 34:17-35:28: What was the biggest result of the survey
  • 36:17 - 38:23: How does Christian stay hungry in a time of uncertainty and what are his goals

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