Writing a Debut Novel During A Pandemic (and More!) with Simone de Munoz. Ep 178


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In the intro, Laura and Sarah talk about current weekend days with kids. Then guest Simone de Munoz joins Sarah to chat about balancing her own life and work as a nonprofit analyst who also wrote her debut novel coming out next spring! Her novel is a thriller novel called Manflu about a pandemic and a vaccine scientist -- and oddly enough it was started pre-COVID! She was able to finish it during the pandemic despite being home with her two children! Her book comes out in March 2021, and in this episode she delves into her experience with the writing process, crafting her career in the non-profit sector, and also a bit about life with an au pair. In the Q&A, Laura and Sarah answer a listener question about planning things like vacations in a new year with some uncertainty.

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