Rebecca Hart: new solo mother, small business owner and also Sarah's sister! Ep. 165


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Rebecca is a mother to 8 month old Miriam and also the owner of a small business (a yarn shop specializing in hand-dyed varieties, based in Cary NC). Rebecca took both plunges very bravely: leaving the corporate world to open her own business and also choosing to pursue the path of having a baby on her own. Sarah and Rebecca tell a few fun stories, and then Rebecca opens up about what the journey was like and how it's been so far -- even with surprises beyond what she had imagined! She also offers some great advice to those thinking about a similar journey. In the Q&A, Laura and Sarah answer a listener question about how to cope and process the challenges (both physical & emotional) of traveling with a toddler.

Additional note -- if you are a yarn lover and want to check out Rebecca's lovely offerings, you can find her shop at!

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