Episode 195: The One With All The Gobble Gobble


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The one where Erin and Jamie discuss episode 05x08 (TOW All The Thanksgivings) of Friends. You'll hear just how festive our respective apartments are about to get, you'll learn which Friend is unquestionably the most like cranberry sauce, and you'll join us in preparing our bodies for the gluttonous feast that is Thanksgiving! And guess what else, Friendlings? We're also available on Spotify now! So if you've been unable to listen for all these years but you still faithfully read all of the episode descriptions, then consider this the green light, you beautiful nincompoop. Fire up that Spotify machine and chart a course for BOF Island*!
(*NOTE: Due to the devastating effects of climate change, BOF Island is now technically BOF Peninsula, thanks to rapidly changing water levels and the resulting emergence of Joey Isthmus; for the sake of nautical directions, however, "BOF Island" will still get you where you need to go.)
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