#1330 Facing an Irrational Foe (Trump escalates tension with Iran)


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Air Date 1/22/2020

Today we take a look at the history of US tensions with Iran and the reality that it has been the irrationality of multiple Republican administrations working hand-in-glove with the far-right government of Israel that has thwarted any chance of peace.

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Ch. 1: The US and Iran: A Brief History with Hussein Banai - BackStory - Air Date 1-10-20

BackStory delves into the long history between Iran and the US following the assassination of Soleimani.

Ch. 2: America Exists To Make War with Lawrence Wilkerson - Democracy Now - Air Date 1-13-20

Amy Goodman talks with Lawrence Wilkerson about the endless war machine of US imperialism in Iran.

Ch. 3: Iran with Mehdi Hasan Part 1 - Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill - Air Date 1-14-20

Jeremy Scahill hosts a discussion about the state of Iran and what the US has done.

Ch. 4: Death of Soleimani Could Galvanize Shia Coalitions Against The US with Narges Bajoghli - Democracy Now - Air Date 1-6-20

Amy Goodman and Sarges Bajoghli discuss the consequences of the assassination of Soleimani.

Ch. 5: Hurtling Toward Catastrophe with Nathan Robinson - On the Media - Air Date 1-10-20

Experts discuss the Iran situation and how we got to the brink of war.

Ch. 6: Seven Things You Should Know About Trump and Iran with Mehdi Hasan - Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill - Air Date 1-14-20

Jeremy Scahill hosts a discussion about the state of Iran and what the US has done.

Ch. 7: Danny Sjursen on Iran and War - The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow - Air Date 1-11-20

RJ Eskow talks with Danny Sjursen about Iran and how the military approaches Trump.

Ch. 8: US and Iran with Mohammad Marandi - Unauthorized Disclosure - Air Date 1-12-20

Iran's reaction to the US assassinating their top General was quite restrained.

Ch. 9: No War With Iran Jan. 25th International Day of Action via @CODEPINK - Best of the Left Activism

Take action! Click the title and/or scroll down for quick links and resources from this segment.

Ch. 10: Iran with Mehdi Hasan Part 2 - Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill - Air Date 1-14-20

Jeremy Scahill hosts a discussion about the state of Iran and what the US has done.


Ch. 11: We need more and better candidates - Dave from Olympia, WA


Ch. 12: Final comments on the dynamics of presidential candidates including “bench” and “wave” candidates


Find a Jan. 25th "No War With Iran" International Day of Action rally near you

Tell your members of Congress to support the Senate War Powers Resolution


Why Iran's Qassem Soleimani was on a not-so-secret trip to Iraq when he was assassinated (Business Insider)

Trump authorized Soleimani's killing 7 months ago, with conditions (NBC News)

Trump’s team insists Soleimani was an “imminent” threat. Just don’t ask for details. (Vox)

Written by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman

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