05/26/2020 - Friendship City


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This episode can be viewed on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/632938119 0:00 - Intro and rundown 3:42 - A special note about this week's show 6:46 - Climax of Night, Kumite in Texas 2020, and Kumite in Tennessee 2021 cancelled 11:52 - Sony announces PS4 Tournaments: Open Series, an online series for MK11, BBTag, SC6, and other titles. 16:41 - Third season pass announced for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid 18:48 - Skullgirls gets yet another update, including the addition of SonicFox as a background stage character 23:10 - New announcement coming for Street Fighter V... what will it be? 28:49 - Detective Ilan Investigates: New character for Guilty Gear Strive to be announced on June 9 38:47 - Combo Breaker airs five-year retrospective on the weekend it was set to take place 46:20 - Block/Grab: MK11 Aftermath Friendships

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