JF1998: Changing How You See Life-Insurance With Russ Morgan


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Russ’s goal is to teach people how to build wealth without wall street. He shares the first step to building his client's wealth by looking at the five pillars; Building cash flow, Cash Value, Real Estate, Business, and Lending. Russ will change how you see life-insurance when most people have the Walmart shopping mindset of paying as little as possible with the hopes of big returns, he suggests the opposite and explains an old secret in Whole Life Insurance. Russ Morgan Real Estate Background: Started career in the financial industry, just to be in shock when the DOW Jones plummeted 800 points in 2008 Now Russ, with his company Wealth Without Wallstreet, helps clients invest their money in something safer, develop financial strategies, and plan for retirement Based in Birmingham, AL Say hi to him at Best Ever Book: Best Ever Tweet: “An Insurance Policy when somebody pays a premium, I kind of refer to it more as a deposit. When that money goes into an insurance policy, it's going to have to buy life insurance. ” - Russ Morgan The Best Ever Conference is approaching quickly and you could earn your ticket for free. Simply visit and sign up to be an affiliate to start earning 15% of every ticket you sell. Our fourth annual conference will be taking place February 20-22 in Keystone, CO. We’ll be covering the higher level topics that our audience has requested to hear.

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