Clubhouse #22: Future of Food & Beverage Think Tank


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Our ITW Menu Meeting Fall 2021 campaign continues with this mission critical Clubhouse discussion on “Future of Food & Bev Think Tank” in collaboration with In The Weeds

We have been through boom times in F&B for the past 25+ years. Now we’re at a cross-road & the future is unsure. Our Industry innovators will discuss where we go from here, from the current state of the industry, challenges we face, opportunities for change and very practical steps and resources available.


Elle Jarvis @elleintheweeds

Mimi Lan @chefmimilan

Kiana Montgomery @Kiana_thepublicist

Zach Cytryn @broadstreetcre

Troy Hooper @Nurishbrands @kiwiresturantpartners

Michael Wolf @thespoontech

Jensen Cummings @ChefJensenCummings

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