Clubhouse #23 w/ James Beard Foundation: Culinary Storytellers Uplifting Their Communities


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On our 23rd episode from clubhouse join us on a discussion about Culinary Storytellers and how they uplift their communities. Every culture, community & person has a unique story to tell. Join James Beard Foundation & Best Served as we share & listen to stories that uplift our communities & become pathways to guide us to a more vibrant future. Moderators Chef Jensen Cummings @ChefJensenCummings Chef Mimi Lan @TheTasteCurator Debbie Holloway @Beardfoundation Amber Mayfield @whileentertaining Michellee Fox @michelleethefox Joshua Walbot @lovefoodmore Victoria Flexner @ediblehistory Jay Reifel @ediblehistory @jayreifel

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