371. Country Music’s Cody Alan on Coming Out at 30 Years Old and Becoming His Most Authentic Self


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Cody Alan is as beloved by the Nashville stars he covers as he is by millions of country fans. As Host and Executive Producer of CMT Radio, listeners hear Cody daily on more than 200 radio stations. Cody is Country’s Renaissance Man.

In 2017, Cody came out in a very public way and in turn has helped so many others. Today, Keven and Cody discuss his new book “Hear’s the Thing,” where he gives us an all-access pass into his life. He talks about his coming out experience (and how he told his ex-wife, children, and parents) and offers advice to those who are stuck in a similar situation he was in. The two also talk about the future of the country-music industry and how in any business, more diversity equals more success.

Cody’s positivity and spirit is a breath of fresh air whose story will inspire you to embrace your authentic self, no matter your sexual orientation.


Cody’s book, Hear’s The Thing, Lessons on Listening, Life & Love: https://www.amazon.com/Hears-Thing-Lessons-Listening-Life/dp/078524915X

IG: @codyalan

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