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The F1 and Motorsport world is in the lurch as the recent cancellation of the Australian GP has left us with more questions than we can possibly answer.

This week's episode tackles some of those. We look into driver contracts, will there be movement without racing, many drivers may find it hard to more or be moved on with current form, where can you see drivers going or are we locked in a stalemate?

Car development will take a major hit too, with Ferrari locking the gates what rules are now in play with car development? Invest a short amount into 2020 or lengthen the 2021 regulation change? We play the role of team boss.

A long with this and much more we talk news, gossip column and answer our fan posed question and create our own fantasy 2020 calendar! Who was on the money and who got it horribly wrong.

And although the season is yet to kick off don't fear we are going nowhere. So stick around and we post, chat and talk all things F1 is the ever going lead up to 2020.

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