Episode 32: Jackson Frew on finding his groove.


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I am so happy to have Jackson finally share his story on this podcast!!

As a fan of his since before he was on GT, I was always intrigued as to what drove his passion for racing. He became a household name while on GT and then out of know where he was back doing his own thing. Everyone in the industry was gobsmacked but, it now completely makes sense.

We chat about his love for Datsuns, racing, and how important it is to have people you trust around you. I hope you enjoy it.

As always huge thanks to NS Dynamics for their support with the podcast. I have been running the Ohlins TTX22M on my new reign and I absolutely love it. If you need your bike suspension to feel better than ever jump over to nsdyamics.com.au.

Huck The World has kept me clothed for a while now and even their OG kit is still like new. Hit them up if you wanna look fresh on the trail.

Thanks to FSR Media For producing the sounds. Love every bit of work they do and can’t say how much I appreciate it enough.

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