[BYWG PODCAST] How I got off of A Laundry List of Psych Meds and Defied My Diagnoses


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[BYWG PODCAST] How I got off of A Laundry List of Psych Meds and Defied My Diagnoses

Dana is a FORMER negative bonding, gossiping, people hating, crippled by anxiety, codependent (but very funny) B&^%*.

She radically transformed her life after joining a MLM and became aligned with her purpose: To coach women who are where she was to no longer define themselves by their diagnosis and to reclaim their power

Her training and experience is diverse. She has a BA in Creative Writing from Pratt Institute, is a Certified Teacher and Life Coach. She is very close to 500 Hours of Functional Yoga Teacher Training and has completed levels I & II of Neurosculpting Meditation Training.

For over a decade she served thousands of incarcerated and addicted individuals in both the for profit and non-profit sectors as an educator and a manager. During that time she received extensive mental health, trauma related, and crisis intervention training.

More importantly, she is in the trenches with you! Since her pre-teen years, she has been a “patient.” Experiencing trauma at an early age, she has been under the care of clinicians for as long as she can remember and is on a lifelong path of self-discovery and healing.

On top of her formal training, she also has a passion for research. She reads and takes all the self-study courses she can fit in her life to stay current and serve her clients at a high quality and informed level!

Her other favorite title is MOM! She has a sweet daughter named Zoe and a husband, Adam. She loves adventuring, laughing, and doing life together with their family & friends!

Dana is most reachable via the gram at Instagram.com/dana_dalessandro

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