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17TH AUGUST 2020Production: Vivien Langford. Podcast: Andy BrittInterviews: James Whitmore and Kurt JohnsonTOURISM'S CARBON FLIGHTPATHGUESTSDr Arunima Malik - Sydney UniversitySheldon Chanel - Senior journalist in FijiMaja Rosen - Founder of Flight Free in SwedenRoger Tyers - Southampton University We're all armchair travellers now so James, Kurt and Viv regaled each other with favourite travel moments. James discovered antiquity in Italy. Kurt, whose terrific travel book The Red Wake took him to the ex Soviet nations, witnessed a rocket launch in Khazakhstan. Viv had an unforgettable experience when she stepped into the Zenana carriage on an Indian train. The Red Wake But since the Paris Climate Accord in 2015 left aviation and shipping to regulate themselves, the impact of tourism is now 8% of global emissions and rising.We look at how to travel better as James interviews Dr Arunima Malik. Her article in Nature Climate Change is called The carbon footprint of global tourism Then Kurt takes us to the Pacific. Dependence on tourism means a lot of people out of work. 80% of their food is imported and with the tourist planes grounded many hotel workers have returned to their villages. However, their determination to get climate action is undiminished. Sheldon Chanel's latest article is his original piece: considers how we have learned to stay at home for the common health good of others during the pandemic. Staying on the ground for the common good of our survival is a hard conversation to have. We hear from Maja Rosen who started the FlightFree movement in Sweden and Roger Tyers who talks about offsets. His article "What the aviation industry really thinks about climate change will open your eyes. The power of models like Greta Thunberg, who sailed to America and back, is to wake us up. Professor Kevin Anderson, who works in climate science between UK and Sweden is as famous for his train trips as his radical awareness. He speaks to people in the rich worlds for whom cheap flights and package cruises have become the norm. Now that we have been slowed down by COVID 19 will the thought of the Ruby Princess and the Quarantine hotels force us to put our well educated minds to a new norm?The article that got us started is a long read. The story of the Komodo Dragon's unlikely saviour in COVID times is here as well as magnificent photos.

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