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In this episode we examine how the human psyche and the environment interoperate. We will be talking with:Professor Glenn Albrecht - Former professor of sustainability at University of Newcastle, Glenn became famous for coining the term solastalgia - meaning to feel the loss at the destruction of one's home place. We will be discussing the complex relationship between the mind and place.Links:Glenn's blog:'s new book: 'Earth Emotions: New Words for a New World', Cornell University Press 2019 and a review on it: Lesley Hughes - Lesley Hughes is the professor for biology at Macquarie University who researches the impacts of climate change on species and ecosystems. We spoke with her about the impact that denialism has on the mental wellbeing of climate scientistsLinks:When planetary catastrophe is your day jobThe milk of human geniusMark Allen - is the mindful activist. We spoke with him about how he balances climate activism with mental health as well as his passion for fighting city sprawl from encroaching on natural places.Links:Holistic Activism

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