My Thoughts, Musings And Feelings As 2020 Draws To A Close: Mesh Kumar, Serial Entrepreneur and Podcast Host


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Welcome to Season 2 of Big Ideas With Mesh! Exclusive interviews with dreamers, pioneers, visionaries, and people who challenge the status quo! We will be delving into their story, their dreams, and ultimately their vision for the future.
In our final episode, I finish the season with some musings, thoughts, and reflections on the 29 episodes I have recorded for the show, and take stock of this strange year we call 2020. The podcast has been a fantastic experience in a year of ups and downs, challenges and hurdles. This shorter episode is my little take on the year, and to wrap up before season 3 launches in February 2021.

This episode was originally recorded on 23rd December 2020.
Your Host: Mesh Kumar
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