BiggerPockets Business Podcast 39: Creating Your Vision and Achieving Massive Success with Cameron Herold


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Does the book, “Vivid Vision” sound familiar? Brandon Turner (host of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast) raved about it when he we interviewed him on the show last year. Brandon credited the book with helping him overcome his vague thinking, providing him the insight to hone his goals and putting him on the path to massive success with real estate syndications. In fact, Brandon raved so much about the book that we knew we had to have the book’s author on the show to provide our listeners a first-hand education on why creating a vision is important and how we should be doing it. And that’s what we’re doing today... Cameron Herold -- best-selling author, founder of The COO Alliance and the operational brain behind several behemoth companies, including 1-800-GOT-JUNK -- is here to help you learn how to clearly define your business and life vision in a way that will put both you and your team on the path to success. Cameron breaks down the steps for defining your vision, documenting your vision (hint: it’s a lot more fun than you think), and then sharing that vision with your partners, employees and prospective employees to ensure that the entire team is aligned with YOUR vision for success. And, for those of you who like to think about things from an analytical perspective, make sure to listen for Cameron’s mathematical formula for success… Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

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