360: Leveraging Virtual Assistants and Automation to Build a $2M Portfolio with Stephanie Cabral


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Have you ever wanted to invest in real estate but aren’t ready for a full-time commitment? Today’s guest has figured out just how to do so, and she’s sharing it all with you!

Stephanie Cabral is a lawyer, real estate agent, and investor out of Connecticut, who has figured out how to make money from residential real estate ownership while working two full-time jobs.

On today’s show, Stephanie breaks down how she saved $100K on one deal, developed an automated direct mail system, and successfully used the often-confusing 203k loan program.

You’ll love her advice on automation/delegation and investing in single family homes. Plus, she talks about what she looks for in her market, and shares her thoughts on the next big change in real estate in the near future. You’ll also find some great tips regarding managing properties yourself and hiring and using virtual assistants to save you time.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Stephanie defines “administrative stamina
  • How she took out a HELOC on her first property
  • How she got a $100K discount on her first property
  • Why she invests in single family homes
  • How she uses VAs to handle the heavy lifting of her RE business
  • Her theory on automation and delegation
  • How she’s using RE to get out of her legal practice
  • What she looks for in a good assistant
  • What she’s looking for in out-of-state markets
  • How she automated her direct mail system
  • Her advice for managing properties yourself
  • Her thoughts on the next big trend in RE investing over the coming 5-10 years
  • And SO much more!

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