18 Comfort Food - A Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio Special - featuring Old Crackly 78s.


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So in these odd days, when we are being strongly reminded of our mortality, there is something, at least for me, comforting in listening to my old 78 records. I haven’t wanted to listen to much music since this all started, and today, when I finally switched on the Hi-Fi all I wanted to do was play some Crackly Old 78s. They remind me of home, even though I don’t know what or where home is anymore. I’ve tried to mix a flavour of what I like, moody Mambo, Rhythm and Blues in it’s original sense, funky old stuff. Even a Cab Calloway weed smokers anthem, yes they had jazz fags in the 30s and 40s, you weren’t the first, your Great Grandparents weren’t even the first! They’re comforting, like food you’ve always loved. That’s why I haven’t played Reggae for this show, I almost don’t want to spoil ‘the good vibes’, and there’s something natural for me, playing some old tunes. If you don’t normally listen to this kind of thing, I urge you to give it a try. I knows you’se gonna likes it.. Daddy O. See you all on the other side when we have the party! In the meantime, perhaps these tunes will help you boogie a little at home. 1. Big Joe Turner - Chains Of Love - Atlantic 2. Willie Bryant with the Tab Smith Septet - Blues Around The Clock Pt 1 - Apollo 3. Don Rendell ‘ Music In The Making’ - Presque Cubain - Vogue 4. Charles Brown and his Band - Sooth Me - Vogue 5. Smiley Lewis - Queen Of Hearts - Imperial 6. Country Jim - Sad And Lonely Blues - Imperial 7. Lord Beginner - England Regains The Ashes - Esquire 8. Cecil Knot & His Joybell Orchestra - When You Come America / Cowhead - MRS 9. Chuck Berry - Too Much Monkey Business - Chess 10. Billy Haley and his Comets - Mambo Rock - Brunswick 11. Lord Invader with The Rupert Nurse Calypso Band- Hurricane Connie - Melodisc 12. Smiley Lewis - The Rocks (with Fats Domino on Piano) - Imperial 13. Lord Kitchener with Freddy Grant’s Caribbean Rhythm - Denis Compton Calypso - Melodisc 14. Anne Cole - In The Chapel - Baton 15. Earl Bostic - Sleep - Vogue 16. Bill Doggett - Ram Bunk Shush - Parlophone 17. Lord Begginer - Caribbean Lullaby - Melodisc 18. Charlie Parker’s New Stars - Stupendous - Parlophone 19. Shirley and Lee - Do You Mean To Hurt Me So - Down Beat 20. Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five - Let The Good Times Roll - Brunswick 21. Les Brown and his Band Of Renown - They Were Doin’ The Mambo - Vogue Coral Series 22. Les Brown and his Orchestra - Triskadekaphobia - Columbia Swing Time Music Series 23. Earl Bostic - Jungle Drums - Parlophone 24. Dan Marino Barreto and his Cuban Orchestra - Yo Ta Namora - His Master’s Voice 25. Cab Calloway and his Orchestra - The Man From Harlem - Brunswick 26. Enrique Aviles and his Orchestra- Tan Sabrosona - Melodisc 27. Earl Grant - Hunky Dunky Doo - Decca / Kentone 28. Smiley Lewis - Down The Road - Imperial 29. Earl Bostic and his Orchestra - I Hear A Rhapsody - Parlophone 30. Edmundo Ross and his Orchestra - Cuban Mambo - Decca 31. Count Basie - Boogie Woogie - Brunswick 32. Stephan Grappelly and his Hot Four (feat Django Reinhardt - Guitar) - Avalon - Decca

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