BRR Ep 53 Aniket Vardhan builds the Musket V Twin


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Imagine you have an inspiration and it lodges itself deep in your subconscious. Sooner than you know it, that seed germinates and an idea is born, gradually taking over your mind until you are driven, to the point of obsession to, live it, love it and build it. This is the story of a little boy who stood gobsmacked in awe of a war ravaged vintage, Harley Davidson WLA 750, as it stood steady timelessly, waiting for its rider somewhere in Kingsway Camp, in Old Delhi. That #orgasmotron seeded a lust which took this DIY enthusiast from tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, through, to one day taking molten metal and casting his dream into a rapturous 4 stroke V Twin that combined two Royal Enfield hearts, to beat as one Musket V Twin…and the rest is…well you hear it. #ListenConnectRideOn

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