Episode 61: BRR Ep 61 Clifton Shipway on the Long Way Home


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You could be forgiven for assuming he missed the Aussie cricket team bus, because he’s tall, wiry, athletic and demonstratedly antipodean in every sense of the word but get a selfie as your jaw drops when he lashes out in the Terrai lingua franca. He might have two left feet but he sure can yap in chaste Hindi. And why not… Born Australian he's spent all his adult life here since he returned to Indian shores. His family has adopted India’s destitute children, given them a home and educated them at the Maxton Strong established Good Shepard Agricultural Mission at their farm in Banbasa, Uttarakhand bordering Nepal. An off road rally rider, a photographer, a tour operator, a disaster and rescue worker, and a ‘I can do it’ guy; speaking of India’s increasing global diversity, Clifton Shipway is that perfect vegemite sandwich for the ravenous soul. Bon appetite!

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