Freeze Your Face To Look Younger: Simple Biohacks, Cold Therapy, Smart Drug Experimentation, And Powerful Natural Healing — Biohacking Brittany | #048


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Brittany Ford — AKA Biohacking Brittany — is a student of holistic nutrition, a biohacker, and someone with over a decade of experience in the fields of nutrition, naturopathy, health, and wellness. Her skills and education have lead to her naturally healing a ton of personal medical problems that plagued her for years, including leaky gut, candida, parasites, and sinus problems.

Brittany and I agree on many things, though most importantly in my opinion, our mutual love of simple, natural-based biohacks, that are simple to implement, effective, and don’t require thousands of dollars of treatments, or crazy biohacking devices. Via her website at, Brittany teaches people how to how to biohack in an affordable and accessible way, focusing on fields like sleep, stress management, herbal medicine, nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices, movement and much more. And this is one of those episodes that if you're into the most natural ways of looking after your fleshy meat suit, you'll be very well catered to, due to Brittany's in-depth knowledge on the subject.

In this episode, we chat about a ton of kickass and effective biohacks, including how to biohack your way to more youthful skin using face baths, powerful herbal compounds you can use to enhance your life, what nootropics – or smart drugs – Brittany has experimented with and her results, some simple ways to enhance Bulletproof coffee, evening routine biohacks, some affordable and effective biohacking tools, a hypothetical one-way trip to Mars, and much more.

Links to Brittany's Instagram and website can be found below, in case you wanna connect with her, or delve deeper into her teachings on biohacking and beyond.


BRITTANY ON INSTAGRAM: @BiohackingBrittany


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