Smurf Smart Drugs And Silver: A Biohacking Legend Returns To Talk Longevity, Stress, And Anti-Ageing — Quantified Bob | #081


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Bob Troia (AKA Quantified Bob) is one of the world's most well-known biohackers, a guy famous for tinkering with almost all parts of his body, mind, and soul. A master of self-quantification, Bob has spent years sharing information on tracking biological metrics, and his own personal biohacking tactics with the world, via his website (

Returning for his second appearance on the Bio Alchemy podcast, like his first episode, we cover an incredible range of topics packed into this 30 minute conversation, that'll give you a taste of how much knowledge this dude really has to offer. As well as the fact that it may make you realise just how many different aspects of your life you can potentially biohack to better performance, from athletic ability, to mental clarity, immune function, and anything else in between.

In this episode, we talk about how you can get a week's worth of exercise done in 30 minutes, what methylene blue is and how it can assist in charging your mitochondria, how methylene blue is being used in a new nootropic called blue cannatine, information on peptides, how Bob uses colloidal silver in his daily life, what he's turning to when it comes to anti-ageing, how to de-stress if you live in a big city, and much more.

To learn more about what Bob does you can check out his website I've already mentioned, as well as find him on instagram, with all relevant links being below.


BOB'S INSTAGRAM: @quantifiedbob


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