You Are Eating Plastic: Salt Lies You've Been Gobbling Up, Debunking Myths, And Biohacking Sodium Intake — #076


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Feeling salty? Well unfortunately, it looks like most of us aren't salty enough when it comes to our intake of sodium, despite governments and certain organisations saying we should be eating less of it. But how correct are the current dietary guidelines when it comes to salt? And what are the dangers of not enough of it in the diet? Well, all that and more is coming up in today's episode.

In case you weren’t aware, salt – or sodium – is an extremely important element when it comes to human biology, and without it, you’d be dead. Despite all this, sodium is something that’s received a bad rap over the last few decades, due mostly to how much salt is in the standard diet of those in many developed countries, especially in the United States. But you may be surprised to know that although America is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to recommending to its people to lower salt intake, it's by far not the biggest consumer of sodium. And the countries that are, are much healthier than America is.

In this episode, I talk about the major myths of salt and where they came from, how inaccurate a lot of the current salt dogma is when it comes to its relation to stroke and heart disease, why sodium is so essential for our health, some of the processes salt is responsible for in the human body, why much of our salt contains harmful microplastics, the sources of salt I personally use that are not contaminated, how much salt I generally use on a daily basis, and much more.




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