Steve Martin President Natural Encounters part three


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During part three of the discussion with Steve Martin, President Natural Encounters; Animal Behavior Consultant we learned that parrot behavior in captivity is not associated with parrot behavior in the wild. Hormones influence behavior but do not determine behavior. 'Force Free' training is not 100% force free. There are behavior myths. Redirected aggression is often confused with other behavior 'labels'. Interacting with your bird shapes behavior. Adjusting antecedents. Building trust with your parrot. Body language is the bird's voice. Positive Reinforcement-what it really is.

Steve also shared with the listening audience on Bird Talk LIVE Online from Kansas City that Natural Encounters have a parrot mentoring service so pet bird owners may learn how to train their bird with the behavior they always wanted. The service includes your mentor watching videos of you and your bird to determine how to proceed in adjusting behavior.

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