Blue Jays Baseball is Back!: Previewing the Rays with CBS Sports R.J. Anderson, Service Time Talk & More!


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Drew and Ol' Reliable react to the rare atmosphere, that will eventually become customary, in a fan-less Nationals Park on Opening Day (:30). The guys then welcome CBS Sports staff writer, R.J. Anderson, to the podcast to discuss Toronto's series opener against the Tampa Bay Rays (12:15). Before diving headlong into Rays analysis, R.J. dishes out his outlook on the Blue Jays (14:15), and Nate Pearson's service time along with Toronto's extended control over the young pitcher (15:45). How has R.J.'s view(s) of the Rays changed over the years (22:15) and what insight can he bring about Tampa Bay's player development (24:15)? Before disembarking from the show, R.J. rains praise on rookie Austin Martin (28:30). Drew And-drew continue their discuss about service time management (31:30), and then dive into the Jays' current home ballpark options (36:00). The two share their observations from Toronto's scrimmages against Boston (47:00), and roll the dice on season predictions (1:02:15)!
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