The Making of an Ace: Dr. Mike Sonne on Nate Pearson's Development & Pitching Advancements + Concern Over Montoyo?


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Two things about Stoeten: 1) He's old and reliable and 2) if he offers you a hamburger, politely decline. You've been warned. Drew (And)rew welcome ProPlayAI chief scientist, Dr. Mike Sonne, to today's show (5:00). The scholarly Dr. Sonne details ProPlayAI's technology and how pitchers like Nate Pearson are using these programs to further their understanding of biomechanics. In what ways are biomechanics/ProPlayAI being utilized to help Pearson and other users (7:30)? Does Pearson's cerebral, thoughtful approach to his craft help him better understand the benefits of sound biomechanics (12:30)? How does player health factor in when analyzing data (15:00)? Will players employing the use of ProPlayAI's understanding of biomechanics, open the door for athletes who we may not have originally thought of as having a chance (18:15)? Which player does Mike believe could benefit from improved biomechanics (22:00)? Drew and Andrew bid farewell to Mike and recap Toronto and Nate Pearson's performances against Atlanta (25:30). Could Pearson benefit from a seasoned catcher? Potentially a guy who's worn a Jays jersey at one point (33:30)? Is Toronto's bullpen the surprise standout for the club so far this season (37:30)? Lastly, Charlie Montoyo isn't working out (44:45).
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