The 1 Bitcoin show- BTC BEATS financial deplatforming! DON'T audit the Fed! Gary Gensler, Gold, Weak hands! Taxes, Q&A


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Welcome to the 1 Bitcoin Show! Weak hands are in panic mode which is odd because we have been through price drops before. Newbies are gonna newb! You don't hear about people wanting the FED to be audited anymore. Gary Gensler will head the SEC, Bitcoin Magazine event update, Michael Saylor reaches out to other corporations, $600 BTC purchases! Why do people still want gold as an asset? Threats of deplatforming are waking some people up to BTC! Tax naivety! The "Unique Beast" term. Much more! 4 minute clip that some of you missed from the last podcast is at the end of this show! Recorded in Miami, FL!

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