Mark M. Hanna: The Horse Listener


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Mark M. Hanna grew up in Inglewood, California adjacent to Hollywood Park horse track. This is where his love of horses began and he pursued his passion to become an Arabian horse breeder and imported horses from Europe. His compassion and spiritual bond with horses led him to become “The Horse Listener.” Hanna shares his life story in The Horse Listener, an international best-selling book and the first book of an anticipated trilogy.

Questions You'll Hear Today:

  1. Do you believe animals have spirits and communicate with humans?
  2. How do lessons taught in the book apply to human relationships?
  3. What are fundamental and proper ways to communicate with animals?
  4. Tell the audience more about organically embraced themes of spirituality, destiny, hope, and redemption.
  5. Why did you write The Horse Listener?
  6. You mentioned your goal is to bring horses and man back together again. How do you do that?

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