Relevant Re-Drop: Wrestling With White Privilege: Kyle Korver of the NBA Milwaukee Bucks on Vulnerability in Sharing Your Story


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Because of recent events that are bringing greater attention to issues that impact African Americans, Black Like Me is highlighting past episodes that are relevant to the current national conversation.

Dr. Alex Gee talks through Kyle Korver's journey to publicly address the white privilege and racism in himself and professional basketball. This deeply honest and vulnerable conversation will be helpful for those that are seeking to be allies. Don't miss Korver's reflection on the article "Privileged" that he wrote one year ago and the impact it has had on his personal and professional life.

Read Kyle Korver's article, Privileged

Kyle Korver and His Utah Jazz Teammates Talk Racism and the NBA, The Players' Tribune

Kyle Korver NBA Stats:

  • 4th all-time in NBA history for 3 pointers made
  • Holds an NBA record for 3 point % in a single season (.536 in 2009-2010).
  • 2015 NBA All Star
  • 2015 NBA Sportsmanship Award

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