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Black On Both Sides Episode #125

Cosby is a free man. No matter how you find him, not guilty is the verdict. Word to the wise, do not go to any Coming Home parties at the Cosby residence. And if you do, watch your drink. Phylicia Rashad may be the first person to get cancelled and uncanceled in the same day. She was a ride or die and then a not gonna die.

Speaking of dying, did you guys see the Keith Sweat Verzuz Bobby Brown? Kunta thinks they looked like two of the uncles at every family reunion. I personally don't think Sweat can hang with Bob, but Kunta claims that Sweat got hits.

Shaccari Richardson is not going to rep the US in the Olympics and I don't think it was racism. Surprisingly enough, Kunta and I agree on this one. However, Kunta thinks soul bonnets should be allowed. I think they should be criminal.

Speaking of the Olympics, did Team USA just lose to Nigeria in an exhibition basketball game?

Branson went to almost-space.

Meanwhile Trump is suing social media. All of it/them.

Sweatin' Rocks & Blunts #BOBS125

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