Friends with Benefits: Let's Talk About Regulation - Ep.3


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In this episode we dive into regulation with two gentleman from the crypto exchange and security token trading platform, VRBex - CEO Gene Grant and COO David Powell. These two have spent their entire careers in global banking and finance regulation -- nobody has better insight. We dive into the current state of regulation and look into what it takes to establish crypto and blockchain businesses that are fully compliant with U.S. financial regulations. We delve into security token trading; which type of assets are ripe for tokenization, why tokenization matters, who has access, and why the top-tier business and financial media have been slow to jump into the conversation. We also talk about the traditional capital financial system and Ben exploring security tokenization for Color Farm Media, to bring more inclusion to film and TV. Gene and David give shout-outs to FINRA, Fried Frank, Kattan Law and Securitize for being stewards in security token space.

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