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Welcome to the Blockchain Bridge! The podcast that features reality-based discussions about blockchain. Where we bridge from blockchain ideas to realities, and where we discuss solutions that will drive blockchain from its early adopter stage to mainstream adoption.

Hosted by Ben Arnon and Jay Kolbe, the show will launch May 8th with an awesome first episode. Make sure you subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, and our website is

Blockchain technology is transformative, disruptive and has the potential to redefine the Internet and to drive humanity into the decentralized future. It is also complex, confusing, and only fully understood by a tiny subset of the world’s population. In this podcast, we’ll speak with leading experts - both within and outside of the blockchain industry - who help make sense of this emerging technology. Our conversations will focus on tangible examples of blockchain tech’s impact on mainstream consumers. We’ll also discuss how blockchain will bridge the gap and cross the chasm that exists between today’s early adopters and tomorrow’s mass adoption.

We launch on May 8th so subscribe now: Blockchain Bridge - Bridging From Blockchain Ideas to Realities.

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