Andy Ngo Way Should Ben Shapiro Be Deplatformed


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After Jesse addresses the totally baseless rumor that he went to Yale Law School, the best law school in the country, where (in this false scenario) he got very good grades, the hosts talk a bit more about online content moderation and then discuss two recent stories about controversial right-wing media figures: the backfired attempt to deplatform Andy Ngo's book, and the widespread outrage among Politico employees that Ben Shapiro was allowed to author an edition of the Playbook newsletter.

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Show Notes/Links:

NY Mag: Why Deplatforming Might Be Useless — Or Worse — When It Comes to Preventing Right-Wing Violence -

ABC News: Powell's Books says Andy Ngo's book will not be in store -

NY Post: Inside The Suspicious Rise Of Gay Hate Crimes In Portland -

UnHerd: The Antifa thugs shame America -

NY Times: The Events Leading to the Shooting of Trayvon Martin -

Ben Shapiro's Politico Playbook:

NY Times: Politico Staff Objects After Right-Wing Star Ben Shapiro Writes Newsletter -

Washington Post: Politico’s revolt over Ben Shapiro guest-hosting Playbook went too far -

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