Bari Weiss Is Right, Part II: Philosophy Schmosiphy


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After Katie talks about her new dog-testicles-centered newsletter, the hosts discuss the latest events in the ongoing saga of Helen Lewis's voice getting erased by Ubisoft. Now that Rock Paper Shotgun has sacked a 13-year freelancer for the crime of being sympathetic to Lewis in the site's comments section, it's fair to ask: Does it make sense to fire people for expressing majority opinions? (No. No it doesn't.) Then Katie and Jesse discuss an article in New York Magazine about the internal tumult at The New York Times that, like everything else which happens in this crazy world of ours, simply proves the hosts were right all along. Plus: Jesse is triggered by a leaked screenshot from the Times' #diversity slack channel in which he is denounced for wrongthink.

Moose Nuggets:

Rock Paper Shotgun: Watch Dogs Legion is booting a journalist off its fictional radio -

Tim Stone disagrees in the comments:

RPS announces his sacking:

New York Magazine: Inside the New York Times' Heated Reckoning With Itself -

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