Inside The Vicious, Deranged, Literally, Metaphorically Violent World Of Young Adult Fiction Twitter


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One would not expect an online community devoted to discussion of dragons, vampires, and teenage heroes to be a cesspool of almost unimaginable toxicity. And yet! In this episode, Jesse walks Katie through a recent history of young adult fiction Twitter, aka "YA Twitter," and attempts to explain how it got to be such a Hobbesian hellscape. The latest scandal involves Jessica Cluess, a YA author falsely accused of racism and violent speech, and the opportunistic authors, consultants, and agents rushing to denounce her in as colorful and overwrought a manner as possible.

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Twitter stuff:

Jessica Cluess' apology:

Brooks Sherman denouncing Cluess but not dropping her:

Brooks Sherman denouncing Cluess, amplifying a false rumor about her, and dropping her:

Some tweetstorms by Jesse running down some highlights of the craziness:

YA Twitter's Victims and Critics Speak Up (four-part series on Singal-Minded):


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